For a while I wrote lifestyle pieces for newspapers.  It was a great way to see myself succeeding in print and to feel that Mary Tyler Moore moment–twirling in the street while “You’re gonna make it after all!” is sung in the background.  When this essay was published, a reader identified with it so much that she mailed me a vintage box of paper straws when she ran across them in an antique store.  I was stunned.  To know my words could keep floating through someone’s mind was a pivotal lesson.

Kid-food Rituals Are Still Good For What Ails You


4 thoughts on “Kid-food Rituals Are Still Good For What Ails You

  1. I have a box of Velveeta in my fridge right now–ostensibly to make chili-cheese dip, but I'll admit to eating more than a few gummy cubes just by themselves. When I was a kid, we often visited my grandparents on Sunday afternoons, and my grandmother always served Velveeta cubes and Little Debbie snack cakes (plus a lot of homemade treats). Long live Velveeta!


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