Finding my way from Point A to Point B has never been the straight line I imagined.

I wrote my first story at Writing on the Wallage four in purple crayon on our blue living room wall. Beginning in corner A, I quickly realized a horizontal stripe was uninteresting.

With swirls and dots, the plot improved.

I improvised until I reached the archway, my B.

That blank wall showed me the value of sudden twists. Dips and doodles expanded the story beyond my original plan. To this day, I save my notes, knowing the best direction for the story may be scribbled in something I hadn’t intended, something I hadn’t noticed.

Karen & Maggie

In Margin Notes, my blog, I write about life’s small moments, those easily overlooked details in our daily margins as we rush toward the horizon.

My children’s picture book, Sweet Moon Baby: An Adoption Tale, shows the unexpected adventure of separate lives navigating beneath a wise moon. At long last, they reach a point they never could have imagined.

Writing about characters who feel detoured, dead-ended, or derailed is my challenge. I understand feeling stalled. Temporarily.

Point B is always ahead.

Just a little more off the edge than anyone thought.